Fathers' Resource Program


The Fathers' Resource program exists to provide support to parents so that children will feel secure, loved and connected to their parents.  Services include:

  • Parent Education: Information on parenting, discipline, child development and conflict resolutions.
  • Assist Parents Complete ProSe Motions:  Modify child support, change of custody, parenting time assistance, or establish custody and parenting time.  The Fathers' Resource program does not provide legal counsel, but does assist with filling out court forms, gathering information to support motions and scheduling hearing dates.
  • One-On-One Support:  Parents experiencing difficulties with parenting issues, visitation schedules or relationship building.
  • Assessment:  Each individual will be assessed and given appropriate referrals or information.
  • Information & Referral

All Services are Confidential

Services are individually customized to your needs and completely confidential.


  • Fathers' Resource is available to all persons within the 10-county service area:  Becker, Clay, Grant, Morrison, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Todd, Traverse, and Wilkin counties.
  • Fathers' Resource is available to persons that are:  Low Income, Dads and Moms, Unmarried, Non-custodial and Custodial parents.

How do I contact Fathers' Resource?

Lynn Nesland at (218) 632-3600
Mahube-Otwa Office, Wadena