Volunteer With Us

We Value Volunteers

Volunteers working with and in our programs are a critical part of Community Action’s mission to mobilize community resources. Volunteers will discover a variety of stimulating opportunities contributing to personal growth, and the satisfaction that comes from making a difference.

Our volunteers contribute more than 20,000 volunteer hours each year serving in Head Start classrooms, providing Medicare counseling, Tax Aide, literacy tutoring, food shelf assistance and much more. Mahube-Otwa invites you to become involved and participate in our Agency.

Why Volunteer With Mahube-Otwa

  • Be a part of the community
  • Be a positive role model
  • Learn or develop a new skill and build your resume
  • Motivation and a sense of achievement
  • Meet a diverse range of people and new contacts
  • Have fun

Our goal is to have each volunteer enjoy their position serving our organization while learning new skills in the process.  The value of our generous volunteers is immeasurable to our communities!

RSVP – Lead With Experience
The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is America’s largest volunteer network for people age 55 and over, with nearly 500,000 volunteers across the country. Some volunteers enjoy putting the experiences and skills gained over a lifetime to work for the betterment of their communities, while others prefer to develop new skills and interests.