Purpose of Position

Together with other members of the Board, members are legally and morally responsible for all activities of the agency. The Board is responsible for determining Agency policy, approving annual budgets and determining the goals of the Agency.

Minimum Requirements

  • Board members are residents of the counties of the agency’s jurisdiction – Mahnomen, Hubbard, Becker, Otter Tail and Wadena County.
  • Board members are representatives of some aspect or segment of the population in the community – low income representatives, public officials or representatives of private organizations.
  • Board members have interest in the agency’s mission.
  • Board members have specific experience and/or knowledge in at least one element including administration, finance, personnel, program development, public relations or communications.

Key Responsibilities

Policy Administration: Ensures Mahube-Otwa meets legal requirements for the conduct of agency business and affairs. Responsible for adopting bylaws and ensuring the agency operates within them. Adopts policies which determine the purposes, governing principles, function and activities and courses of action of Mahube-Otwa.

Planning & Evaluation: Periodically evaluates and reviews Mahube-Otwa’s operations and standards of performance.

Personnel: Selects, employs and evaluates the Executive Director. Approves policies which govern the administration of personnel. Participates in recruitment, selection and development of fellow board members.

Finance: Approves and monitors the corporate finances of Mahube-Otwa. Creates a financial climate for fulfilling the agency’s mission. Sees that sufficient funds are available for Mahube-Otwa to meet its objects.