Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership and sets the overall policy and goals, which are then carried out by staff. The Board’s decision making structure is governed by Federal regulations, which mandates participation of the poor in the planning, development and evaluation of programs, along with participation of public officials and representatives of private groups.

The Mahube-Otwa Board has 18 members. Three members are residents from each of the counties in the agency’s jurisdiction – Mahnomen, Hubbard, Becker, Otter Tail and Wadena Counties, plus 3 members are At-Large from any of the five counties. The terms of office are 3 years. The Board meets the last Friday of the month.

Low Income Representatives

  • Nancy Bisek (Mahnomen County)
  • Shannon Erickson (Otter Tail County)
  • Theora Goodrich (Hubbard County)
  • Allan Lynk (Wadena County)
  • Jeanne Mercer (Becker County At-Large)
  • Judy Peterson (Becker County)

Private Sector Representatives

  • J. Edward Dvorak (Hubbard County)
  • Greg Larson (Hubbard County At-Large)
  • Ann Lindblom (Mahnomen County)
  • Dana Laine (Becker County)
  • Del Moen (Wadena County)
  • Scott Wagnild (Otter Tail County)

Public (Elected) Representatives

  • Karen Ahmann (Mahnomen County)
  • Charlene Christianson (Hubbard County At-Large)
  • Roger Froemming (Otter Tail County)
  • Chuck Horsager (Wadena County)
  • Larry Knutson (Becker County)
  • Ed Smith (Hubbard County)